Mumbling Quietly to Myself
Mumbling Quietly to Myself
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What is this 1 Weird Diet Fruit?

Lately, I've been seeing this ad on the side of stuff "Eat this and never diet again!" Before this week, it was pretty easy to ignore. It's obviously a variation on the "1 Weird Trick" ads I'm used to seeing everywhere. (I understand that that is lentils. Delicious.)

But today, they are showing me a picture of a weird boob-fruit and I can't figure out what it is:

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I don't care about weight loss (I'm eating a pop tart out of sheer laziness right now. I could certainly get up and make something better for me that would also taste better. But, no, I must go see if the internet can answer my burning question first.), and I'll probably never eat whatever it is.

But I need to know what it is. It looks like a soft-boiled egg did it with some kind of citrus fruit.

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