Mumbling Quietly to Myself
Mumbling Quietly to Myself
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My Mixtape

Copy-pasted from the thread of crazy comments:

I've only got about an hour of music. But my tastes tend to run a little. . . let's say melancholy. . . lately. Maybe more than lately. Song links are a mix of soundcloud and youtube videos. (Googling titles will likely get you to your source of choice on a lot of these)


1. Slow Start - Eli August and the Abandoned Buildings - 2:46 - Because I didn't get around to doing this until today. Also, this is the song for the music video I'm working on, (YES! I can finally say one thing about my NDA-wrapped worklife!) so I've basically been listening to this on repeat for a month. I'm lucky I know any other songs anymore.

2. The Middle - Jimmy Eat World - 2:54 - Obligatory high school anthem. And because you have to remember there will be a time after now.


3. Kathy's Song - Apoptygma Berzerk (VNV Nation Remix) - 7: 44 - This is a long techno piece. It's beautiful though. And as close as The Nerdy Mr. and I come to having a song.

4. I Will - The Beatles - 1:46 - This is what I tell people is our song though. It's super short, just like my patience for public mushiness.


5. Paper Bag - Fiona Apple - 3:39 - Life is disappointing sometimes. You don't have to sound miserable while you're complaining, though. It can be done with grace.

6. Petals - Eli August and the Abandoned Buildings - 3:53 - This song (okay probably the whole album, since I tricked Eli into sending it to me) got me through last year. Friends dropping dead for preventable reasons is a hard thing to live through and I wish it on exactly none of you.


7. I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire - The Ink Spots - 3:07 - You know it from the Fallout 3 soundtrack, but in my head this song belongs to Angela forever. I haven't actually made it through a full listen since she died last year.

8. Have to Explode - The Mountain Goats - 3:22 - "Name one thing about us two that anyone could love. We roll out the red carpet when rotten luck comes down the road. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Watch for the flash. Something here will eventually have to explode."


9. Cotton - The Mountain Goats - 3:27 - You might recognize this one from weeds. I spent a lot of time as one of those "people who tell their loved ones that they're sorry for things they won't and can't be sorry for." Let it all go.

10. Hyperballad - Bjork (with The Brodsky Quartet) - 4:22 - A song about letting things go literally. I like this version for the dissonant strings, but the original gets points for being a Gondry video.


11. It's Not Up to You - Bjork - 5:09 - Best song ever for when you aren't getting your way.

12. More Bad Times - P.U.S.A. - 2:59 - Because just the good ones aren't enough.

13. We're Not Gonna Make It - P.U.S.A. - 1:52 - Best served in a screaming mood.

14. Naked and Famous - P.U.S.A. - 3:44 - Mandatory counterpoint.

15. English Folk Song Suite - Ralph Vaughan Williams - 10:03 - A classical piece, this bad boy got me into NYU. The second movement has a painstakingly beautiful melody (think Holst's Venus, but lilting, it's at about 3:20). I could always take or leave the third movement though.


16. Alone - Eli August and the Abandoned Buildings - 4:02 - This one is last because I love it extra special. And 'cause you're not alone even when it feels that way.

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