Mumbling Quietly to Myself
Mumbling Quietly to Myself
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I Am Sorry My Dog Barks On Trash Days

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But due to the nature of dog logic, she sincerely cannot help herself.

Gracie, like many a woman before her, is a fearsome warrior princess. She is cute and dainty and demands someone towel her dry after she goes outside in the rain, but she also wants to rip birds in half.


She also loves her pack of humans— loves in the sense that her doggy happiness has a direct correlation to the happiness of her pack of humans. Not because we're jerks to her when we're mad/sad/not happy (though she is more likely to get a longer time out for not following Dog Rules in said moods, but I think dogs, in general, have a hard time telling the difference between 20 minutes and 30 minutes.), but because the dog is sensitive and knows when people are sad.

Example: One of our friends got into a car accident when Gracie was a puppy that came with some pretty heavy emotional baggage (little to no permanent damage, yay). Now as a puppy, Gracie was not as much of a cuddler as she is now, but every time our friend came over, Gracie would jump up in her lap and nuzzle her and cuddle for hours. Now that our friend's life is back to normal, Gracie treats her the same way she does the rest of our friends. ("Hey, you! Get out of my house! Oh, the humans say it's okay? Well, I'm still watching you.")


When you combine this with her breed's traits and training— She's an Eskie. They're working dogs and traditional cart guarding dogs. Gods save the poor dog from anyone who walks near us in the car. — it gets easy to see how when the ferocious rumble beast that is the trash truck makes its fearsome roar (you know, accelerates), or wails to cry for other beasts (breaks to stop in front of a house), she can't help but be like, "Hey, you giant beast! This territory is spoken for!"

We've gotten her down to letting out just one bark, but it's still one bark for every giant noise the recycling truck makes, which adds up quickly on our dead end street.


So, I'm sorry, and we're working on it. All I can do for now is ask you to please empathize with the epic battle for her homeland that this is for her.

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